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10. Kerry Apac History
In 1996, consequent to the 1994 acquisition of DCA, Kerry acquired the remaining 50% equity in the Solutech DCA joint venture. With a base near Sydney, the business established an important foothold for Kerry in supplying its range of ingredients to the food industry in Australia and New Zealand.
In June 1998, the Group strategically advanced its position in the Asia Pacific region with the acquisition of the Mauri and Pinnacle ingredients businesses of Australian food group Burns Philp and Co. Ltd. With two operating manufacturing bases in Australia and New Zealand, generates a range of seasonings, flavours, coatings, sauces, marinades and proteins for Asia Pacific markets and also has a strong presence in the wholesale
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1 Kerry Approach
1 Kerry is their vision for the future.
It is about transforming the business to maximise the potential for growth by fully leveraging the strengths, innovative technologies, global industry presence, and strong customer relationships.
The 1 Kerry vision is built on the Go to Market Strategies supported by the Global Operating Model and Global Systems (Kerryconnect).
From this vision Kerry has derived the business strategies, initiated the Operating Model Review Program (Kerry Excel) to promote business excellence and established the Kerry connect Program to implement standardized ways of working, common data and integrated system solutions across the organization

12. Strategy the go- to market' strategy in Ingredients & Flavours required a realignment of business units around core technology platforms and market application teams - facilitating enterprise-wide selling supported by Application Centres of Excellence for key end-use market categories. This customer focused integrated approach to market development has been implemented in the Americas Region, Asia-Pacific Region and in the EMEA Region and has achieved tremendous success to-date.

13. Operating
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As per the response Kerry received after interacting with the eminent employees of the organization, Kerry came to know that it follows a culture characterized by strategic focus on the external environment through flexibility and change to meet customer needs. The questionnaire is provided in the below document.
Kerry’s organizational culture defines business conduct standards for employees across all business areas, functions, locations and roles. The Code of Conduct is obligatory for anyone working with or on Kerry’s behalf, without exception, because ethical everyday actions are the basis of trustworthy, productive relationships with each other, the customers and the suppliers.
 Live the Values
Kerry’s values include fulfilling the responsibilities to the communities, commitments to social and environmental sustainability, the highest standards of business and ethical behaviour. Group Policies including Community Relations, Food Safety, Employee Concerns and Disclosure, and Quality describe how it live the values.
 Community

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