Kerry Packer's War Analysis

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A cultural artefact that portrays the distinct characteristics of the Australian Legend is the television serious, Howzat! Kerry Packer’s War. This popular television series was broadcasted in 2012 and enjoyed by people throughout Australia and England as it represented Australian talent in cricket. This series was also viewed in England as well as all over the world to show and represent Australia’s talents in the game of cricket. In Howzat! Kerry Packer’s War, directed by Daina Reid, a man named Kerry Packer declared war on the cricket establishment by secretly forming a rebel competition with the world’s best players in 1976. Throughout Packer’s attempts at forming a team and proving the public wrong, characteristics of the Australian Legend…show more content…
Kerry Packer’s War is an important artefact that expresses and properly portrays the idea and visual of the Australian Legend. Kerry Packer and the fellow cricket team players all embody the Australian Legend through their traits and actions while trying to win over the public during the World Series of Cricket. With Cricket being a sport that is commonly associated with Australia, people who are not from Australia are able to identify these men as iconic and “true” Australians. Howzat! Kerry Packer’s War embodies the legend through the portrayal of his character’s traits, including: masculinity, courage, and the ability to maintain mateship to achieve a common goal.
Looking at the television series and how it can be related to modern day Australian popular culture, this film focused solely on the men and undervalued the women. The women the film served roles of assistance and emotional support, qualities they men would not have received otherwise if it were not from them. While the male characters are created in a way so that they are identifiable and represent “true” Australians, this stereotype only fits a small portion of Australian society, given that not all Australian men partake in
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