Ketamine Persuasive Speech

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A long time ago, people used drugs to medicine, the name of medicines are Coca wine , paregoric, soothing syrup, heroin, piso's. However, drugs turn to our enemy today. Many teenagers start drugs for fun, even though they did not know anything about it. Therefore, we have to be a good listener and teach about it to prevent ruined their life. Ketamine is a prescription anesthetic that is federally regulated but people are using ketamine to the drug. It started in the 1970s and spread to Europe, Canada, Asia, and Australia. It can make you die when you use it long term. Ketamine is a dangerous drug. Ketamine is the type of drug. People are dissolving ketamine in water to use it. Ketamine may be using for postoperative pain management or give a shoot after surgery. It benefits counteracting of chronic pain, spinal sensitization or wind-up…show more content…
The drug is hurting your health, your ability to work, and your relationships. Therefore, we should teach how much drug is dangerous to young kids. Most people start drug when they want to feel good or want to stop feeling bad. The best way to prevent using the drug is not to take the drug at all. The best way is communication and listener. We should talk about risks of drug and abuse, or we have to be a good listener when kids talk about the drug. We have to help drug users because they need the advice to get out of the drug. Listening music is may give a powerful influence on mood and emotion. Music therapy has been shown reduce people stress level, reduce blood pressure, reduce muscle tension, and improve communication abilities. However, when drug users did not know problems of using the drug and did not want to get help then, it might be impossible to help. Therefore, the main point of helping drug users are having resort. When they really want to get out of the drug then it will be the best way to quitting the
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