Kevin And Max Character Analysis

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Friendships are very important, especially where both people are benefitted. Mutualism is perhaps the most relevant and important relationship any two, or more, people can have, as they are both benefitted from it. In the case of the movie The Mighty, Kevin and Max are the best of friends, considering the mutualistic relationship between them shown in the movie. Kevin and Max both unknowingly work for the good of each other, proving that their relationship is mutualistic. In The Mighty, a scene at the carnival shows how Kevin and Max’s relationship is mutualistic. Kevin is Max’s reading tutor, and at the end of their reading session, Kevin bribes Max with five dollars to go with him to the carnival to act as supervision. While at the carnival,…show more content…
At first Max, almost angry that Kevin is crippled but still smarter than himself, thinks that Kevin is taking advantage of his large size to get away from bullies. This strongly shows that Kevin and Max’s relationship is overall not a good one, a parasitic relationship. But I can prove that belief that Kevin and Max’s relationship is unhealthy with another example of mutualism from The Mighty. When the two friends get to know each other well after Max’s revival at the fireworks show, Kevin and Max go to a museum with knights. They both realize that, together, they are almost unstoppable, and they both fulfill each other. The knights are there in the scene to show how they can be chivalrous and brave in their relationship, as well as with other people. This, overall, disagrees with the fact that Max and Kevin have a parasitic relationship. These examples from The Mighty prove that Max and Kevin support, help, and enjoy each other in one’s company, and that they have a mutualistic relationship. And because they were able to have a good, mutualistic relationship, they were able to live happily despite their oddities. As always, the most important relationship you can have is
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