Kevin Durant's Life And Accomplishments

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Kevin Durant is one of the best basketball players in the world. He is self made man that works and thrives hard for what he does. By working hard look where he now. Coming to the draft everyone wanted to have him he was that good. Kevin Durant’s early life was rough but it made his career and life stronger mentally and stronger. September 29, 1988 in Suitland, Maryland was the day a legend entered the world. Growing up his favorite basketball player was Kobe Bryant. He was one of 4 children; Brianna, Anthony, and Rayvonne. Parents were Wanda and Wayne they thought Kevin had a special talent in basketball. His aau coach said he was a young prodigy and was gonna be big someday in NBA. He became the third teenager to average 20 points per…show more content…
He is 27 years old. His height is one thing that surprises everyone at 6 foot 9 inches. During high school he grew 7 inches. When he was younger he would get teased for being the tallest in the class. His weight is 240. He signed a $60 million endorsement deal with Nike. During the off-season he attends college to finish his degree. After he retires he plans to be a music producer. He is the best rapper on the Thunder. The University of Texas retired his jersey for playing one heck of a year. He turned down a Adidas $80 million deal because he has worn Nike 's his whole life. The reason he wears number 35 is because his aau coach/mentor died at age 35. His favorite food is crab legs. Quote from his aau coach, “ Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard.” He was on the 2k15 front cover video game and he loves to play video games. His Nike kd7 shoe is the most popular. It came out June 25, 2014. He wears a size 16 shoe. Kd 1 shoe came out in 2009. Kd 6 shoes was inspired by his hometown and the craftsmanship from a watch. Designer Leo Chang designed the kd 6. Kd 8 shoes came out 6 months ago. He is the fourth highest paid NBA player. He Had misspelled a tattoo which he later on fixed. One thing he loves to do when he isn 't playing basketball is to go shopping for
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