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Surrounded by freezing salt water that is stingy their entire bodies, the potential Navy SEALs are focused on one thing, getting to shore. They were dropped seven miles off the west coast of the United States in the Pacific Ocean in full gear. That is a daunting task for anyone, but they were not focused on the strenuous task, they were concentrating on moving forward with the other trainees. This is only a miniscule portion of what they had to go through. The strongness of their bodies and most importantly their minds are very impressive. Kevin Holland was one of those courageous people going through this training, and here are some details about his journey.
Kevin was never a behemoth. He was only five feet eight inches tall, but when he set his mind to something, no one could stop him. When he was a junior at West Wilkes High School, Kevin read a book about Navy SEALs. Immediately, he was intrigued. He decided he could go through the training, he was strong enough and he was invincible. Kevin was not naive however and knew he needed to start training. Living in the backwoods of the Appalachian Mountains, he trained by running four to five miles with an eighty pound log on his back. He continued
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This week consisted of five and a half days of brutally challenging operational training running on fewer than four hours of sleep. The trainees had to prove their endurance, mental toughness, pain and cold tolerance, and their ability to perform under duress and sleep deprivation. Above every other aspect, it tested their determination and desire to be a Navy SEAL. On average seventy-five percent of the candidates will ring the bell and accept defeat. This training is considered the hardest of all branches of the United States military. When looking at a typical SEAL, he is not the largest or the strongest, but the one who burns with the desire to be a Navy SEAL. Kevin was definitely determine to get through this
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