Kevin Rudd Stolen Generation

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Topic Question-4 THE APOLOGY With the past conflict surrounding the stolen generation, most commonly known as the 50,000(Rudd’s apology speech, pg.4) children who were forcibly taken from their homes, separated from there families and raised in the hands of the government. In 2008, Kevin Rudd formally apologised on the behalf of Australia; Mentioning the mistreatment of all the children, the families and anyone who had to endure the “blemished’’ chapter in our nation 's history. Rudd apologising about this chapter in Australia’s history so we can all hopefully move on from this historical disturbance. Kevin Rudd mentioned a child from the stolen generation and what she endured; this does not mean it solved those underlying issues with the other children that were involved also. During Kevin Rudd’s speech he mentioned about how he visited one of the children from the stolen generation, her name; Nanna Nungala Fejo. He mentions her story, what her and…show more content…
The stolen generation were ripped from their families, and many are still trying to find those lost family ties. Children were ripped from their families, majority of which were under the age of 5. A lot of these children don’t even remember what their parents look like, or where they even came from.. Maria Starsevik was taken at the age of 2, when she finally reconnected with her mother she was in her 30s and she found it hard to make a connection. So many people from the stolen generation were able to relate to maria. To much water had passed under the bridge for them to rekindle their relationship as a family. Children were allowed to leave the foster families and homes when they reached the age of eighteen, most tried to find their parents, families and try to live the life they were supposed to; again they were taken at such a young age that barely anyone remembered anything. The government took away the special connection of a child with their family a culture, Kevin Rudd’s apology cant fix those broken
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