Kevin Sanderson-Personal Narrative

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Off and On I, Kevin Sandersons, am not a genius. I simply am determined to succeed in my future, yet my grades and actions in class imply the future Einstein is present, according to my classmates. But that’s not how I visualize myself.
I’m 13 years old and I live in Charleston, SC. My build is slim, but I prefer that so I can easily navigate through crowds and ambush my friends.
Speaking of which, some bullies at my school ambushed me with jokes about my upcoming birthday. Since I was born February 29th, it’s an effortless task.
“Hey Kevin, can I come to your birthday,” taunts one, “oh wait your birthday doesn’t exist this year.”
They continuously joked about my birthday, and their laughter echoed down the hall. I don’t defend myself from
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Grosogon has vanished from the Earth. Only two people know what happened: Professor Salcusmuan and I. Salcusmuan has sliced the bond between Mr. Grosogon and the artifact, therefore Mr. Grosogon no longer exists. It terrifies me that Professor Salcusmuan would commit such an act, and how dangerous he is with this power. Clueless what to do, I make no effort to confront Salcusmuan.
With each passing day, matters grow worse. Many more have gone missing without a trace. National authorities are beginning to consider a serial killer is rampaging the streets of Charleston. No doubt the disappearances are the work of Slacusmuan, but I want to be confident that Salcusmuan is behind these disappearances. Tonight I will return to Professor Salcusmuan’s office and verify my theory.
The moment I set foot into the college, a horrible feeling sweeps over me. This is no longer the comfortable place it once was. It’s been poisoned, corrupted by Salcusmuan’s actions. I peek down the hall to find a light yet again shining beneath Salcusmuan’s door. I shimmy along the wall to the Professor’s door, remembering the terrifying words I heard the first time I eavesdropped Salcusmuan. Those words were pathetic to the ones Salcusmuan spoke

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