Kevin The Killer Story

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Yesterday evening the rumored "Kevin the Killer", struck down an alleged serial killer.The elusive "hero", killed Bobby O'Leary at 8:47pm. O'Leary was walking towards Wal-Mart at 8:45pm with a high-caliber weapon, a pistol and timed bombs, said the Dalton Police Department, after examining the body. The Department took the body for an autopsy and surprisingly found that O'Leary was wearing a 4-inch Armor Plate and that the arrow went straight through! With this surprising discovery, new rumors are spreading that Kevin the Killer isn’t even human! Just last year, during a police chase, the criminal's’ car spun out and was reportedly picked up and thrown to a building by an ¨elusive¨ character. This is linked to great strength. Also, in 2014,
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