Kevorkian Assisted Suicide Case Study

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For the family members watching their love one go through the pain of a terminal illness it can be very horrific. Even though we may have lifesaving technology, the technology or medicine is not always affordable. With this knowledge a lot of terminally ill patients’ hospitable cost increase exponentially with every day. "The cost of maintenance of [a dying] ... It has been estimated that between two thousand and ten thousand dollars a month" (Dworkin 187). The cost to keep these patients is cringe worthy and there are very few patients that are wealthy enough to sustain the costs. For those who are not wealthy the cost and burden of debt falls onto love ones. Most family members do not usually think of the costs while they are still on this earth but when they pass away they are left with a huge hospital bill, sometimes leaving people bankrupt. Ronald Dworkin, author of Power for Life, said that "most patients want to spare there love ones with burdens of keeping them alive (193). In allowing these patients to make the choice of ending their lives one can save their loved ones obscene amounts of money and alleviate a…show more content…
Both patient and non-patient alike many people believe in the inherent right to assistant suicide that each individual possess. Dr. Kevorkian 's attorney expresses his frustration with the idea of banning Physician assistant suicide saying, "a law that does not make anyone do anything, which gives people the right to decide, and prevents the state of you for trying to exercise their freedom to be free, violates the constitutional rights of another person is crazy "(cited. 364 cotton). People with these illnesses should be allowed to die with pride. These people will know longer have to wait for their inevitable death but can make one last, free choice. Dworkin said, "Whatever view we take on, we want the right to decide for ourselves..."

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