Key Aspects Of The NHS Constitution

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Professional Values and Relationships

Name: Catherine Alang?o

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Name of the course: Professional Values and Relationships

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Title: Key aspects of the NHS Constitution

The essay aims to explore the National Health Service Constitution (NHS) and discuss it in general. It will look at when, why and who it was established for including its expectations. One value of the constitution will be discussed with the support of evidence based literature and finally be followed by a conclusion.
In 2009 saw the foundation of the NHS constitution. It comprises of a set of rights,
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It is essential that every person feels valued to maintain person centred care. Sanderson and Lewis (2012) noted that person centred care fosters patient involvement in their care delivery through working collaboratively with healthcare professionals. This permits them to engage with patients allowing them to make decisions through communication about their care. Healthcare professionals also do strive to treat the patients with dignity, respect and…show more content…
In the NHS it has become a major concern following the divide between services being offered locally and universally including its decision making. The postcode lottery has affected services such as hernia repair, certain cancer medications, hip and knee replacements to mention but a few. It has also affected availability of mental health related medications, access to cancer screening programmes and waiting times. This has arisen from some health care institutions being afforded funding for more expensive treatments than others. For example, type of care offered to patients from Cambridge would certainly be different from those in Luton.
National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) (2013) guidelines stated that treatment under the postcode lottery ought to be something of the past for individual suffering from incurable and painful bowel condition. This permits clinicians to easily treat ulcerative colitis sufferers.
In conclusion it is worth noting that treating people without discrimination despite their age, gender and social status is important. The care delivered to patients by the healthcare professional ought to be person centred at all times. This allows individuals a platform to feel that they are involved in their care and are treated with dignity, respect and empathy. The postcode lottery has seen patients
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