Key Causes Of The Serbian Revolution

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The Serbian Revolution lasted for 13 years during 1804 to the year 1835. The revolution was both a national and social revolution which resulted in Serbia 's departure from the Ottoman empire as well as the forming of its own constitutional monarchy. The revolution was inspired by the French revolution. A cause of the revolution was the rise of poetry and literature which inspired a renaissance. Throughout the Ottoman empires reign, works or literature was composed and passed through which focused on the glorious history of Serbia before the Ottoman rule. This was became a powerful inspiration to Serbian people who seeked for freedom under the Ottoman rule. Another cause was the resurrection of the Serbian patriarchate which reminded people if the Serbian rule. The church maintained old Serbian traditions of medieval Serbia which encouraged the rise of nationalism and national identity, one of the key causes of the Serbian revolution. Explain the background to the Revolution. Consider social, political, cultural, economic and other factors, as well as internal and external conditions. Include sources. The Serbian revolution was the rise of the nation and a change in the law in Serbia. This occurred in early 1800s till mid-1800s. During this time, the Ottoman province revolved into a rebellious territory, constitutional monarchy, also modern Serbia. Prior to the Serbian revolution, during the Austrian occupation of Serbia, many Serbians served as soldiers and officers in
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