Qualities Of A Survivor Essay

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A survivor is someone who can take their problem and make it so they are no longer problems but instead something that will benefit them. Someone that will have moments where they think that they can not continue but overall is still very positive. Some that knows what to do in a time of need they learn from their mistakes. Someone that is somewhat fearless by using their fear to push them further. Someone that is independent and dependent at the same time. Some that is though and strong and can let that rub off on other people when it is necessary. A survivor is someone who can keep themselves going and use what is around them to overcome their problems. Being resilient is a key trait to being a survivor. Being resilient means being able to withstand difficult situations. “I’ve been in the hospital for the past 2 months… The hardest part was sitting in the doctor office when the…show more content…
Stamina mean the ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental efforts. A speaker who spoke at the Ted Conference talks about the benefits for changing the view on stress: “And participants who learned to view the stress response as helpful for their performance, well, they were less stressed out, less anxious, more confident but… their physical stress response changed” (McGonigal). This shows that if you take stress and change it, it will make it so people are happier and can stay that way Kinda like Charlie. If he would do this he would feel better: “I 've been in the hospital for the past 2 months. They just released me yesterday” (Chbosky 208). This shows that he has been happy while he has been in the hospital or else he would not be able to leave. It shows that he has some stamina or else again he would not get to leave. One trait that the book perks of “Being a Wallflower” and the speech “How To Make Stress Your Friend” have in common is stamina. Having stamina is what it takes to survive in the real
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