Key Characteristics Of Being A Survivor: Life, And Survivors

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A survivor is someone who can take their problem and make it so they are no longer problems but instead something that will benefit them. Someone that will have moments where they think that they can not continue but overall is still very positive. Some that knows what to do in a time of need they learn from their mistakes. Someone that is somewhat fearless by using their fear to push them further. Someone that is independent and dependent at the same time. Some that is though and strong and can let that rub off on other people when it is necessary. A survivor is someone who can keep themselves going and use what is around them to overcome their problems. Being resilient is a key trait to being a survivor. Being resilient means being able to withstand difficult situations. “I’ve been in the hospital for the past 2 months… The hardest part was sitting in the doctor office when the doctor told my mom and dad what happened. I have never seen my mother cry so much. Or my father look so angry. Because they didn’t know what was happening when it was” (Chbosky 209). This shows that after everything he went through he keeps going. He went through a lot to be put in the hospital and for it being that long it takes a lot of strength plus to have to find out what he what he did while he was there that is a lot to deal with all at once. He showed that he can make it through situations that most can not and still be standing at the other is amazing just like Kayla Montgomery. She has

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