Key Club Ripple Effect

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The Ripple Effect Rasheed Ogunlaru once said, “some strive to make themselves great. Others help other see and find their own greatness. It’s the latter who really enrich the world we live in.” Change often begins small, seemingly influential. Then, as people watch this small spark start a fire and begin to roar, surrounding communities to decide that a change is necessary, causing a ripple of change. My story, both as an initial flicker of ember and part of the flourishing flame, bears a resemblance to the infamous ripple effect. Society often doesn’t recognize change nor pure altruism without ulterior motivations without witnessing it directly. Unfortunately, I followed society’s path as a child. Instead of indulging…show more content…
However, though I understood that the organization stood for volunteerism within a community, initially I didn’t comprehend the message hidden behind Key Club’s reputation. Key Club is a service organization dedicated to supporting its community and allowing it flourish during dark times. This realization came to me as I helped organize a memorial basketball tournament honoring a lost, but never forgotten community member, a family member. Key Club served to not only recognize, but emphasize this fact by honoring our own lost girl using her passions to drive the community past its grief towards remembrance. With YiPEE, I supported my community at both personal and economic levels. YiPEE allowed me to witness a local economical process during restaurant week of which community members obtain more information about local businesses as well as different ways to support them and allow the area to experience growth. Depictions of philanthropic practices control my memories as I think about Tent City where people of all ages come out to support the homeless community by donating, serving, and caring for them by providing a shoulder to cry on and an ear for
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