Key Concepts In Social Policy

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This essay aims to examine various key concepts in social policy, with a particular focus on Irish social policy. The main focus of social policy pivots around the welfare conditions of people from different societies. Hence, this is significant in helping us understand and address the needs and risks present in societies. The implementation of policies serve as an assurance for people as well as shape, impact and sustain social relationships of individuals, families and social groups. The key reading which would be substantially used in this essay would be Patricia Kennedy’s Key Themes in Social Policy, in which key concepts such as poverty and care would be further discussed. Firstly, social policy addresses the need and importance of care in societies. Care can be in the form of childcare and eldercare. In the Irish context, child allowances are direct payments given to families on a monthly basis through tax allowances or cash transfers. This would be given till the…show more content…
Instead, it will bring about social exclusion and lead to social segregation between the rich and the poor. This is evident not only in the aspects of income but also other aspects such as education, health and housing. Children often have to work outside of school so that they can provide income for their families. Hence, they are unable to fully enjoy the benefits of education, even though it is fully funded for. This leads to a poverty cycle, as they often do not have the skills and knowledge required in the workforce, reducing their potential income, therefore being unable to walk out of poverty. Similarly, in the area of health, it is evident that poor people die at a younger age compared to the rich due to lack of access to affordable healthcare services. Therefore, being unable to enjoy certain rights and privileges shows the prevailing situation of social exclusion in

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