Key Effects Of The Treaty Of Versailles

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Treaty of Versailles signed The Treaty of Versailles put an end to the chaos of WWI. Germany was forced to pay reparations, restrict the size of their army, and take complete responsibility for the war. Detailed in the War Guilt Clause, Germany had to agree that they were the only nation to have caused WWI. This had lasting effects on the Germans, and contributed to the rise of Hitler. The Treaty of Versailles made Germany angry, and look for a scapegoat, often finding that in the Jews. Jazz Although originating in American, jazz soon spread to Europe. On April 7, 1919, the first jazz concert in Europe was performed in London. Jazz symbolized musical freedom and people were searching for some sort of liberation after the war. People were leaning more towards modernism, a movement that wanted a radical break with the past. Modernism embraced jazz, as it was fresh and new and a step away from traditional music. Jan 16 1920: first meeting of league of nations The League of Nations was created after WWI to keep peace and prevent another total war from occuring. The League had many requirements for keeping a peaceful world. Unfortunately, countries had their own agendas and usually put themselves as a priority over the League. Several countries left the League because they wanted to pursue more territory, even if it meant sparking conflict. Overall, the organization was very effective because it did not prevent the start of WWII and alienated several countries, like Russia
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