Alexandra Kollontai's War Guilt Clause (1919)

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Treaty of Versailles signed
The Treaty of Versailles put an end to the chaos of WWI. Germany was forced to pay reparations, restrict the size of their army, and take complete responsibility for the war. Detailed in the War Guilt Clause, Germany had to agree that they were the only nation to have caused WWI. This had lasting effects on the Germans, and contributed to the rise of Hitler. The Treaty of Versailles made Germany angry, and look for a scapegoat, often finding that in the Jews.
Although originating in American, jazz soon spread to Europe. On April 7, 1919, the first jazz concert in Europe was performed in London. Jazz symbolized musical freedom and people were searching for some sort of liberation after the war. People were
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She blames capitalism for making women dependent on men and says that a capitalistic society leaves children uncared for. According to Kollontai, with a communist government, each member of the family takes care of each other and couples can enjoy equality. She writes of a utopian society, and her views reflect those of radical workers. She searches to stray from traditional female roles and increase the rights for women. Her ideas were not new, but as a government worker she was able to enact change more effectively than ever before. The Soviet Union certainly did not become radical but small changes were made in the right…show more content…
A former journalist, he fought in WWI until injury forced him to leave. Back home, he joined the Italian Fascist Party, and enticed ex soldiers to join alongside him. Many former soldiers felt as if they had not won anything in war, and were willing to use violence to get what they want. Mussolini capitalized on this fact and formed bands of combat called the Blackshirts who did his bidding. In the election of 1921, the Italian Fascist party had gained a considerable amount of seats, but not enough to enact the change they wanted. In an effort to have the coalition government relinquish their power, thousands of Blackshirts entered Rome and demanded the resignation of the current Prime Minister. Surprisingly, without sufficient weapons or numbers, they succeeded and Mussolini became Prime Minister of Italy, and 3 years later became dictator. Mussolini would not have rose to power if the Italian people had not been broken from war. Following the Treaty of Versailles, Italy was left with thousands of wounded and missing soldiers, and not many spoils of war. The people were upset with the government and waiting for the change that Mussolini brought.
Oct 1922: the waste land by t s elliot
The poem The Waste Land is seen as the most important poem of the 20th century. Elliot addresses current problems, especially the war. Throughout the poem, there are several illusions to death and the
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