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Lover Beloved Play Review Assignment In this article, I will be describing three important elements of a play called Lover Beloved presented by Suzanne Vega, who interpreted Carson McCullers -A great American writer-. McCullers was born in Columbus Georgia in 1917 and died in New York, at the age of fifty. Furthermore, McCullers was very well know for her novels, such as, Reflection of a Golden Eye and The Ballad of the Sad Cafe. She also, had a Broadway adaptation of The Member of the Wedding. Actress and singer. Suzzanne, delighted the audience with a glamorous and funny acting, followed by a delighted singing, which was accompanied by other musicians, who play magnificent instrumental musicals, that created a wonderful atmosphere. I finally go over lighting design that encompass Susanne’s singing during the play. The lighting element of the play, really touched the audience’s hearts and souls, since it was full of colors that represented each song of the play. In order to understand this play better, we will need to know a little more about Carson McCullers. She began formal piano study at the age of ten. However, she suffer from rheumatic fever that impede her to peruse her music dream. Suzanne mentioned this…show more content…
Many passages of pain a despair, where immediately turn into laughter and jokes. She put the audience in a roller coaster of emotions. Her eloquence and her body gestures were in perfect sync with the play. Also, the musical along with these live sounds were amazing, Vega’s voice was soft and beautiful. The music style was -out of the ordinary-. Finally the lighting, encompass all and each song play and added an extra spice to it. The combination of colors built this entire scene of wonderful feelings that I could almost

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