Key Elements Of Consumer Perception

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Consumer Perception: The perceptions consumers have of a business and its products or service have a direct effect on their buying behavior. That’s why businesses spend so much money in the domain of marketing, honing their customer service and doing whatever else they can to favorably influence the perceptions of target consumers. Perception in todays world is becoming one of the major key elements of Marketing. It is because if the image of a particular company is not perceived well by the customers in all the positive connotations the company is not suppose to capture market share that it intends to. With careful planning and execution, a business can influence those perceptions and foster profitable consumer behaviors. There are mainly…show more content…
In a way consumer perception is an approximation of reality only in a way experienced by a consumer. Perception may differ from consumer to consumer and it all depends on how a consumer experiences it. Businesses in todays time tries all the possible means to influence this perception of reality by mainly presenting themselves in the best possible way to the consumer. Sometimes they often use methods of trickery and manipulation as their chosen way of influencing the perception of reality formed by the consumer. For example, advertisements billboards and hoarding often trumpet the quality and convenience of a product or service, with the main hope of fostering a consumer perception of high value, which can pay off with increased sales and improved market share year after year making a brand name for…show more content…
The major concern is to understand how the consumers perceive the product and its design in order to make a purchase decision, this is what has been majorly lagging behind in the design section of the product. Companies that are able to communicate a certain meaning (e.g. prestige/ attributes) through the appearance of a product design and product quality can create a competitive advantage in the market and increase the product’s chance of success in the new or existing market not only that it actually helps in a greater exten in every possible aspect because a consumer tries to see the company and its image through that product which is planning to buy. According to Krippendorf (1989), the products of design should be understandable or meaningful to someone. The meaning the appearance of a product, communicates and helps consumers to assess the product on functional, aesthetic, symbolic or ergonomic motives. These motives play a role in the overall product appraisal. For example, when a product looks modern, it has a positive effect on product appraisal when consumers are motivated to assess a product on its aesthetics. In the above mentioned context the appearance of the product should be a key element keeping in mind the mission of influencing the customer’s perception about the company and its product line as it has a direct effect on every aspect in

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