Five Key Elements Of Leadership Essay

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Q1. Describe the five key elements of leadership The five keys of elements of leadership are leader-follower, influencing, organizational objective, changes and people. Each of elements works differently, the first key world leader-follower is leaders influence a behavior to the followers as well as follower also influence leaders. Second, Influencing is change role from somebody. For example in leaders and followers relationship, when leader give any inspiration toward followers and then followers change something, it is consider as influences. Third, organizational objectives are based on leaders and followers outcome from what they willing to accomplish in the future. Being a member of organization need to work together in order to produce outcomes that both leaders both followers…show more content…
Summarize Leadership theory Paradigms The leadership theory paradigm is an explanation of different types of leadership theory it helps to predict and control successful leadership through perceiving, studying, researching, and understand leadership. It includes following theories, trait theory, behavioral leadership theory, contingency leadership theory integrative leadership theory and the management to the leadership theory. Leadership trait theory is based on attempt to explain a distinctive characteristic of leadership effectiveness. Behavioral leadership theories are explaining distinctive styles that used by effective leaders. Contingency leadership theories are explaining the leadership style that appropriate based on the leader and followers situation. Integrative leadership theories are influencing successfully leaders and followers relationship through combining of the trait, behavioral, and contingency theories The management to the leadership theory paradigm is transform autocratic leadership to new style of leadership. Q3. Some people say hard skills are more important than soft skills and some say the other way around, what are hard/soft sills and what is your
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