Key Events In The 1950's

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The 1950’s was the decade of change. Key events across the decade and the world include the beginning of the Korean War and the Vietnam War, the first ever Organ Transplant and the introduction of Coloured TV. Also Political battles centred around communism and capitalism dominated the decade.

In the 1950’s there was more leisure time due to an upgrade in household appliances which improved the likelihood of selling entertainment products such as radios and televisions. In Australia Radios were estimated to have 97% of Australians using and listening to them at home and in cars where they were newly installed into. Radios were also popular throughout the world because of the new portably accessible radios. Because of the popularity in radios and music more people tended to listen to the newest music world wide which happened to be Rock N Roll.

In the 1950’s Australia was witnessing the Stolen Generation and the rapid grow in population due to the Baby Boom and migrants coming into Australia. The migrants influenced new cultures, foods, music and religions to Australians. Also
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The 1960’s was also a decade of dramatic change and turmoil across the world. There were nuclear threats across the world including France, China, the United States and Cuba and the dramatic construction of the Berlin wall in Europe. Anti-war protests, social revolutions, the civil rights movement, the gay rights movement and the second wave of progression of feminism were especially important in making the world we have today. Politically important figures such as Martin Luther King Jr and John F Kennedy were also assassinated during the 1960’s which caused uproar in America. The 1960’s was also the decade the first man landed and walked on the moon, Neil Armstrong which had many opportunities for scientists to discover more about the universe. Also the 1960’s introduced the female birth control pill and an increase of people’s usage in drugs influenced by popular

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