Key Events In The American Civil Rights Movement

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Carl Brasher was the first African-American man who not only became the first amputee in the U.S. Navy history in 1968, but also became the first master diver that was on active duty. He demonstrated to be a man of word, honor, and respect. He was a man who demonstrated the world he was going to fight for his dream. Although the journey for Brasher to become an active duty master diver was a long road of no respect, for all the sacrifices and challenges he went through, it was all worth it to get where he is at now. There has been other true story films, books, images that proves racism. For those who fought for their privilege rights of racism, they made a change in this world’s rights for people of…show more content…
Jim Crow laws approved this decision. The separation of different races was happening when Brasher’s first job in the U.S. Navy, and discrimination was more evident than ever before. Brasher was also being discriminated. At that time, Brasher was working in a kitchen being as a cCook and a jJanitor along with other African-Americans. African-American people were allowed to have only those typetypes of jobs. Brasher’s life as a cCook and a janitor was a daily life of discrimination getting words said in his face about howabout how worthless he was because of his colorhe was black. The discrimination for BrahserBrasher continued suffer of discrimination not only as a cook, but in other aspects of his daily live and activities. Fdid not stop thereor example, t. There was one occasion when they had in theBrusherBrasher was assigned to live in a cabin with white cadets. The white cadets started to leave the room and nonenobody wanted to sleep in the same place as an African-American. The separation and the discrimination they had in the U.S. Navy Corporation compares to the discrimination African-Americans lived in the United States, like the separation and discrimination in the buses of whites in the front and African-Americans in the back part existed.

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