Key Factors That Influence Child Development

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Every child is unique. To have an educational success we need to base on the need of every child and to adapt the educational need. As adults we know that what we believe, know and think is reflecting in what we do for the children. That’s why the Early Childhood is the most import part in the adult life. This period is an continue process in education which is focus on physical and cognitive development The child development is an continuous process where the child develop an appropriate behaviour which define de child in the relation whit himself or with adults. There are two very important factors which can influence the child development. If a child is experiencing emotional stress states and he cannot cope with, this can affect his ability to develop physically and learn. We like adults have to provide all the opportunities to learn , ensuring protection and above all love. Early education is considering the fundamental period for brain development. The development brain determines progress in capacity development physical, cognitive, social and emotional on the children. A child who is enjoying the attention, care, patience, play, communication will be willing to learn quickly, to develop his relationships. When we observe child development we have to look after following children development skills: gross motors, fine motors, language, cognitive and social. When we talk about children physical development we have to look after gross and
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