Case Study Dunkin Donut

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Task1: Key issues of the Case Study
From the case study above, the key issues are all about different cultural norms. In majority of Asian countries like India has perceive a lighter skinned has higher status. But in western countries, people would prefer tanned skin compare to Asian like the Indian those who has fair skin lifting their self-image. In this case, it showed that those consumers good giant Unilever (HLL) has higher successful business opportunity inherent with fair skin by using Fair and Lovely. Some Indian parent forbade their daughters from going outdoors in order to keep them from getting dark. The case has situated that skin tones have take a critical role on class and beauty. Besides, in China fair skin or white skin is perceived
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Dunkin’s Donut had face a huge amount local partner want to customize the needs of consumers preferences and demand. In China, there was no suitable word for “Donut” in Chinese and European style baked cakes were not well known outside the Shanghai and Hong Kong markets. To enable Dunkin’ Donuts enter into the market, occurred at first in Beijing, the organization name couldn 't be spelled in Chinese characters that understand by the consumers. After a long discussion, the company decided to name Dunkin’ Donuts in China as Sweet Sweet Ring in Chinese characters.
Besides, culture had also affect the management of the company such as HUAWEI which is a multinational networking and telecommunications equipment company based out of China. In this company, their Chinese management style which the manager has the authority to make decisions on behalf of the company unlike Indian organisation, instruction need to be past or delegate from the top to
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Initially, most of the Indian did not like to have cereal as their breakfast. The brand was overconfident and did not focus on the cultural issue which explain what the cause. So, Kellogg launched Frosties (sweet, sugar-coated flakes) that lead to a huge success on the business because it attracted people to eat instead of having un-nutritious traditional breakfast and position as not a premium product.
Hence, to enter into the market in different countries, company need to understand the cultural differences in order to deal with business which consist of different cultures. Usually those business fail due to the parties that did not take enough time on doing research on cultural. Company need to fulfil the requirement or the preference of the consumers.
The best adaptation strategy is by using brand adaptation because it helps to retooling the messages of a brand and change the brand name into foreign language that can be reach to the new market which do not unflattering by foreign market. Business can reposition its brand and attract new market. Besides, there are one strategy that I found it quite useful in entering to new market which is the Glocalization which mean think globally and act locally. For example, Starbucks had launched local favourite Chai Tea Latte and coffee roasted locally. It helps to rebrand and has the feel of local coffee shop.
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