Key Issues Of The Case Study Of Unilever's Real Beauty

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Task1: Key issues of the Case Study From the case study above, the key issues are all about different cultural norms. In majority of Asian countries like India has perceive a lighter skinned has higher status. But in western countries, people would prefer tanned skin compare to Asian like the Indian those who has fair skin lifting their self-image. In this case, it showed that those consumers good giant Unilever (HLL) has higher successful business opportunity inherent with fair skin by using Fair and Lovely. Some Indian parent forbade their daughters from going outdoors in order to keep them from getting dark. The case has situated that skin tones have take a critical role on class and beauty. Besides, in China fair skin or white skin is perceived as wealthy person because only the rich manage to stay indoor during day time while the poor people spend most of their time under the sun. those who has white skin in china also perceived themselves as higher status. People in China focus on beauty as an important concern because it helps them to get better career and their companion or husband. Furthermore, from the case above, it had stated that Unilever’s Dove had launched the concept and campaign of “Real Beauty” has done a successful impact on a lots of countries but fail in China. This is because Chinese women focus on their outer look than inner beauty compare to western women. So, it is important that company need to have a good market research on their cultural norms and

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