Key Objectives Of Toyota

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The financial revenues of Toyota are growing rapidly. It is hard for an automotive company to keep such a successful and sustainable growth in a competitive era. Not only its unique mission, five main principles and three goals, but also there are several distinctive strategies, such as business strategies, sustainable strategies that make the Toyota become the most successful automotive manufacture in the world.
4.1 Five main precepts
These five “always” precepts are the basic guide tutorial rules in Toyota. They were firstly came up by the founder of Toyota, whose name is Sakichi Toyoda, which became the standard of behaviours of all Toyota staff. They not only put forward requirements on employee’s work attitude and spirit, but also guarantee the long-term development in the future. Because Toyota seventy-five years practicing and insisting the five “always” precepts, it could keep growing in the past five years and get today’s achievement in auto industry.

4.2 Three main goals to help Toyota improve its productivity and keep going.
The first and most important one is to reinforce competitiveness by putting bigger effort into making ever-better cars. The second is to look at opportunities to grow in both existing automobile manufacturing business and in fields beyond that as challenges for the future. The third one is to strengthen their management and financial foundation in order to make the first two goals come true. Thus, develop management and

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