Herbert Hoover Lunches In The 1920's

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He helped over 120,000 stranded American tourists return home from Europe and coordinated the delivery of food and supplies to Belgium citizens after the country was overrun by Germany. Hoover was appointed to the head of the Food Administration by President Woodrow Wilson when the United States entered the war in 1917. He made many things being the Head of the Food Administration. He advocated that Americans should cut on the consumption of meat and other supplies so they could have a stable supply of food and clothing for the Allied troops. After the war ended, Hoover set shipments of food and care to war-ravaged Europe. From this doing, he was recognized worldwide for his caring efforts, and received many thank you letters from people across Europe who gained from the free meals also known as "Hoover Lunches." All these great doings and outcomes gave Hoover the success of becoming the secretary of commerce under President Warren Harding. He would continue this position under President Calvin Coolidge as well. In the 1920s, Hoover helped construct a dam on the Colorado River between Arizona and Nevada. This dam was named the Hoover dam and opened in …show more content…

President Roosevelt is also known as FDR was set forth in action as soon as he got in office. He started with the banks making a four-day bank holiday. There were four divisions of the New Deal. During the four day shut down Congress would shut down all banks and reopen them once they were steady. This act was passed by Congress to help makes banks stable, it was called the Emergency Banking Relief Act. He would also take action by reaching out to the public on the road broadcasting to help rebuild the public 's self-esteem. This was many of thirty "fireside chats." He began doing this on March 12,1933. He began his first 100 days on March 9th. It was really on 99 Days but was called the first 100 days. The New Deal program produced a liberal political alliance for many different groups. When the program started men were embarrassed by the thought of jobs being created for them since many men were unemployed during the depression not being able to help take care of their families. The program also sculpted the idea of women being a part of the social services field or teaching curriculum. He also reformed the financial system, making the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation to protect people who deposit accounts ' and the Securities and Exchange Commission to help police the stock market so that there could not be

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