Key Principles Of Project Management Essay

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The key principles of project management as advanced by Max Wideman include: 1) Clear, agreed goals: A successful project should have clearly defined goals. The goals articulate the need for executing the project or what the project seeks to achieve. Having clearly defined goals ensures that project staff and other stakeholders all work towards achieving this goal. Therefore this must be made clear and agreed to by all. 2) Clearly identified stakeholders: The stakeholders of a project must be clearly identified and their stakes clearly pinpointed. A project stakeholder is anyone who has an interest in some or all stages of the project. For a project to be successful, one needs to identify who the stakeholders are and their roles in the design…show more content…
Hence, the need for the two parties to agree and communicate effectively at every stage of project implementation. 6) A clear view of what success looks like: All the relevant stakeholders of a project must have a clear definition of success for their project. The project team and all stakeholders must have a full understanding of what they need to achieve and how success of their efforts is measured. Having a clear view of what you consider success in your project helps you define your activities more clearly and establish a clear route on how you will succeed in your project. 7) Consistency, compatibility and achievability of all component parts: A typical project constitute a variety of components that need to be consistent, compatible and achievable; and should all be geared towards the success of the project. The variables constituting the project must be managed well (mostly by the project manager) and they should match up. For example, variables such as time, finance, and quality of outputs must be managed well to ensure the achievement of the project goal. The project manager should ensure that there are enough resources (finance) to deliver quality outputs, and that the time allocated for an activity is consistent with the quality of the
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