Key Role Players In Budgeting

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A National Budget estimates how much it costs to run a country, it also allocates amounts to the different departments or provinces and monitors them. In order for these costs to be estimated and financial needs to be delivered in each allocated area, there are key role players that make it possible.
According to A Peoples Guide to the Budget (2008;#) the National budget is an annual statement by the minister of Finance in Parliament, explaining how much money the Government expects to raise through taxes and borrowing, and how much it plans to spend on services such as health care, schools, clinics, police and peace keeping and other needs – for the benefit of all South Africans.
According to Unit 3 (2005:1), understanding the way budgets
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An internal role player can be described as someone who carries out different key responsibilities within a specific department. According to Business Dictionary (2016:1) a role player is a person with specifically assigned tasks or functions within a program, project, or process. The details of internal role players and their roles in budgeting are discussed below:
Responsibility Manager
A responsibility manager is somebody who is assigned a certain ‘responsibility’. Collins Dictionary (2012;) defines responsibility as a person or thing for which one is responsible; having control or authority [over].
Pauw et al (2005:66) further defines a responsibility as the smallest organizational entity for which budget input is compiled within a spending agency, for example a government department. A responsibility in this context can be a specific hospital, a region or even a school, making a responsibility manager a hospital superintendent, a director or a principal of a school. A responsibility manager will manage the processes of the budget and financial structures within the
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Accounting Officer
The accounting officer according to Pauw et al (2005:70), is responsible for administration of state funds under the control of the department. Their functions are to identify services to be rendered by the institution. An accounting officer can also be the Municipal manager of a municipality.
The duties of an accounting officer according to the University of South Africa (2009; 60) are the following; they must identify services to be rendered by the institution, ensure that services rendered are economic, efficient end effective, prioritize the needs of clients, prepare

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