Keystone Pipeline Research Paper

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The keystone pipeline has created great debate among the government of the United States and Native American’s living close to where it would be. There have been several attempts by the counter parts to convince the general public what to do. An example of these are the “Reject and Protect” Cowboy and Indian Alliance Anti-Pipeline Ad and the Support Keystone Pro-Pipeline Ad. The Anti-pipeline add starts with images of the Native American’s and Cowboys together. In the background we can hear Native American chants witch could be used to be more sympathetic with the subject. I could also be used to understand better the culture we are dealing with. Furthermore, it creates a sense of sadness and loss to show the viewer how the subjects are feeling.…show more content…
The second add supports the Keystone pipeline. The pro- keystones add starts with images in black and white alluring a sense of loss and despair that would come with the pipeline. This point of view is similar to the con-pipeline add only they use it in a skeptical sort of way. The fast change of clips and the background sound effects of a heart rising convey a sense of fear felt by the people opposing to the Pipeline. Then there is a sudden change toward color images and a more relaxed and happy background music. The pace is still pretty fast but this time it shows the excitement for the pipeline. The producers want you to feel a sense of relief with this change. They want us to feel that the pipeline is the right choice like the pro-pipeline add. They also allure to the mainstream news story form reservation rags to riches by saying that the Native American that are opposing are rich. They also show several facts trying to allure to the viewer’s reasonable side, this is also seen in the con-pipeline add with the families talking to the audience. Most of the clips shown are point of view so that the viewer is also sympathetic with the pro-pipeline

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