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A keystone species is an organism that enhances the habitat and helps all species around them thrive and evolve. In class we examined the wolves of yellowstone and their reintroduction into the habitat. This re-introductory helped organisms around them by reducing species that have dominated the habitat like the deer and this helped plant life and animal life thrive and created a richer environment. The wolves are the keystone species of their environment being the organism enhancing biotic and abiotic factors in yellowstone and these kinds of keystone species are prevalent in many habitats and are all crucial to their environments. In the african savanna the major keystone species is the african elephant and in many coral reefs in shark bay…show more content…
Sharks play a massive role in their environment and it makes them into a keystone species. If
The Tiger Sharks were gone from tiger bay there would be less sea grass for organisms due to an increase in turtles and Shark bay would lose many of the organisms who feed off the sea grass.
These keystone species impact their environments and habits in many ways ranging outside their direct food web. These species are important in keeping the amount of species high in their habitats and are essential in the health and productivity in each habitat. The African
Elephant makes far more abiotic differences in their environment by creating things like lakes while the Tiger Shark has mainly biotic factors and many of there changes in the ecosystem are a result of them eating fish and turtles and less about them shaping the land. The Elephants and the
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