Kfc Advantages And Disadvantages

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South Africa’s fast food industry is one of the biggest and most competitive, with new restaurants coming into the market current franchises need to ensure they have a competitive advantage. KFC and Nandos are two of the biggest names and most successful fast food brands in South Africa, with both having over 300 stores across the country. They also are two of the most competitive franchises in the South Africa industry. Both of these companies have a rich history which helped them build a successful brand. But they have also invested a lot of time and money into their marketing as both companies are aware of how important it is.

KFC History
Kentucky Fried Chicken was created and founded by Cornel Harland Sanders. Sanders was working in a Shell filling station; he used to cook for hungry customers who had stop for gas. They had lived his cooking and Sanders turned his store house to a small eatery. His recipes where such a big hit that he bought bigger place and in 1936 he introduced his famous fried chicken to the menu for the first time. Sanders continued working on his fried chicken recipe and in 1940 he perfected a secret blend of 11 herbs and spices; the Original Recipe. He sold his recipe and travelled across American
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Many times, Nandos have not compiled by these rules and had to take down their advert as it was too controversial. However, many people enjoy Nando’s advertising and look forward to their witty adverts. Nandos adverts not only pokes fun on politics and other competitors but also uses pop culture references. For example the below advert; Nandos ads are often seen as controversial as they often are making fun of other competitors, which is seen as illegal in South Africa, and also at members of parliament. Nando’s did an advert,” keep off fried chicken- doctors orders”, which aims at KFC indicating that consumers should eat their flame grilled chicken instead of

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