Kfc Marketing Environment Analysis

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Task 2a Marketing Environment Marketing environment of a company which consists of macro environment and micro environment will affects the ability of marketing management of the company to build and retain the loyalty and relationships with their target customers. Macro environmental factors will form opportunities and pose threats to the company, as well as affecting the marketing decision of the company. Besides, micro environmental factors consists of actors which close to a company that can affects ability of the company to serve others. A company can do well when they are able to understand and adapt well in the environments. There are six major macro environmental factors of a company which are demographic environment, economic environment,…show more content…
As KFC is a foreign company that origin from Louisville, Kentucky, KFC have to comply with the laws and regulations of Malaysia as they operate in Malaysia market (Kentucky Fried Chicken, n.d.). According to Malaysia demographic profile 2014, Malaysia is a country that consist of a majority of 61.3% of Muslim (, 2015). KFC Malaysia have to comply with the laws and regulatory of Malaysia in order to attract and target Muslim as their customers as well as give promotions to Muslim. The political environment in Malaysia has affect the promotions of KFC Malaysia as KFC Malaysia is entitle to apply halal certificate before offering halal food to the Muslim based on the laws and regulatory of Malaysia. KFC Malaysia have to use only halal ingredients to produce foods and drinks once KFC Malaysia has decided to apply halal certificate from The Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (JAKIM). JAKIM will then inspects the factory, restaurants, ingredients and processes in production of foods and drinks. After KFC Malaysia passed the halal test, JAKIM issues the halal certificate and permits KFC Malaysia to use the halal logo (KFC Malaysia, n.d.). Therefore, KFC Malaysia is able to offer halal food and provide promotions to the Muslim. The political environment in Malaysia has create an opportunities for…show more content…
A particular society will shapes a person’s basic beliefs and values. For example, Malaysia is a multi-cultural country as there are three major ethics which are Malay, Chinese and Indian in Malaysia. Different ethnics have different culture and basic beliefs and values. As a Muslim, they have to follow the code of practice of Muslim in eating and drinking (, n.d.). Muslim are having halal food which is the food that comply with Islamic Law and do not contain any pork ingredients (KFC Malaysia, n.d.). KFC Malaysia has sincerely applied and get the halal certificate from government in order to prove that KFC Malaysia is offering halal products and services. KFC Malaysia has also display halal logo on all the packaging products to let customers aware that products offered by KFC Malaysia is halal (KFC Malaysia, n.d.). Therefore, the basic beliefs and values of particular society which is Muslim has affect the types of the products and services provided by KFC Malaysia, so KFC Malaysia has decided to offer halal products and services that can be used to satisfy every customers with different cultures, as every customers no matter Malay, Chinese or Indian can all having halal food. Thus, Malaysian can having their meal at KFC Malaysia as well as KFC Malaysia is able to satisfy the needs, wants and demands of Malaysian and build long
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