Kfc Pricing Strategy

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The price strategy which KFC is currently adopting is geographical pricing. It is because the menu prices is set differently in each country. For example, KFC Malaysia snack plate is priced at RM 5.95 while snack plate in Singapore is priced at SGD 6.40. Generally, they use market penetration pricing for new products. KFC sets their price slightly lower as compared to their competitors in order to entice customers away from their competitors. With this strategy, it gives customer the awareness and urge to buy in view of their low pricing as compared to other competitors. For example, KFC Zinger Double Down set priced at RM 9.95 with includes two pieces of meat while McDonald Spicy Mc Deluxe Burger set at RM 9.45 with includes only one piece…show more content…
They placed their product for a high price and target the middle and upper class people. According to Behera (2008), the pricing strategy include not only the price list but also comprise of on going offers, discounts and promotions. KFC is using skimming pricing strategy on the new product to reach a segment of the market that is relatively price insensitive and thus willing to pay for a premium price for a product. As the product is new, company need to adjust the price from time to time base on customer respond and cost of production. The product price will be firstly placed in the range of RM8 to RM15, base on the type and size of the meal ordered. According to Wisnudewobroto (2011), KFC placed their products for high price but not overly high. However, to compete with other competitors, KFC trickle down their price for only the selected items during mealtime to focus on both middle and lower class people to penetrate both sides of the market. If the product price are too low, it might lead to customer perception that the food have a poor quality, while charging for the product too high price might cause customer to switch their preferences to other competitors. KFC also will take into consideration on the probable reaction from other competitors in the pricing…show more content…
A consumer can buy dishes from the basic menu and go for add-ons which is optional pricing and there are combo offers which comprise a mix of items. KFC has variety of options in each category. For example, in Bucket, there are menus with 8pcs, 12pcs and also 12pcs variety bucket (Hot & Crispy Original Recipe and Chicken Strips). KFC come up with different pricing and bundling strategies for the new launch product which are Vege burger and Vege Wrap such as lunch treat, combo meal and family meal. The superworthy meal enable to attract middle and lower class people to increase overall sales
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