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Secondary research is also known as desk research and it consist the data which has already been produce it can be quantitative, qualitative or historical also it can be seen as internal data and as well as external data. Secondary research is the process which involves collecting data it may be originator or distributor of primary research, secondary sources include documents, letter, diaries, autobiographies and referencing other forms of research and quotes. KFC they are able to save money and time through having enough employees who are able to do most on the work which saves time as well as money because they will serve more customers in a short period of time.
KFC are able to get information and access information
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KFC uses this research so that to consider being valuable because whenever they want to develop new products and bringing up to the markets, they undergo this research for testing and investigate what their customer’s favourite food and how much they know about KFC Company. Hence, this qualitative research it basically the customer’s opinions.
The purpose of qualitative research
• To provide specific details to guide or understanding in a particular situation.
• It’s useful for the company when they want define how to increase market share.
• It helps to get feedback about the product from the consumer products.
• Provides quick feedback because by meeting customer directly.
Quantitative research is about asking people for their opinions about your organization like for example KFC is able to do this through surveys and questionnaires as stated above so it’s very important to use Quantitative research
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KFC has handle this is situation very tactfully and has obeyed the policies of the Government as prescribed by the government in order to run this kind of business.
The other major factor is the pricing policies. KFC maintain and design its price policies keeping in view the income and income distribution of the people living in the country. That’s why all the classes are the target market of KFC. And the most important factor is the political instability. But since Oman the political instability is good, which means KFC s market will be high when it comes to politics. When it also comes to safety regulations the security at KFC is always safe, and it as well as protected through the CCTV cameras to ensure safety and total security.
The employment law KFC states that all employees have the right to work in a fair and safe environment. Our worldwide code of conduct holds all accountable for treating our colleagues with fairness and respect, so we can each be rewarded based on our performance.

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