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Chapter1 Introduction As KFC’s Chief Executive Martin Shuker nails, the boom of KFC in Ireland is attributed to the phenomenon where consumers are attracted towards food outlets where they feel that they can get quality food at a reasonable price. But the fact remains that to make the consumers feel that they are getting their money’s worth, every organization has to have a promotion plan to pitch their leading products. For the marketers sales advancement is a vital device and its centrality has been developing apparently throughout the years. The impact of growth of sales promotion depends on different ambit such as consumers’ price perceptions, brand choice, brand switching behavior, evaluation of brand equity, effect on brand perception…show more content…
To analyze literature about strategy, marketing, branding and how sales promotion strategy can be practical with reference to increase in sales. 2. To recognize the prime objectives of the sales promotion strategy set by KFC. 3. To determine the vital reasons for the growth of sales promotion strategy of KFC. 4. To investigate the inadequacy of sales promotion strategy of KFC. 5. To analyze the effectiveness of sales promotion strategy of KFC. 6. To investigate the frequency of the efficiency of sales promotion strategy used by KFC. 7. To contribute recommendations to KFC in order to improve the strength of the sales promotion strategy that is used by this fast food company to increase sales. 1.3 Research questions: The research procedure will focus on the premise of exploration inquiries that are one of various key inquiries. Research questions are generally the forbears of research objectives (Saunders et al., 2003). In this research the accompanying exploration inquiries are chosen to meet the prerequisites: 1) How can strategy be characterized and what are the nonspecific ways to deal with strategy? 2) What are the key aspects of branding in the fast food restaurant market? 3) How can promoting interchanges play an essential part in the advancement of…show more content…
The subject is identified with the viability of sales promotion technique to build sales. In the time recession, sales are down in majority of the places and sales promotion is a technique that can support the sales by offering motivating forces to promote people in particular product, brand. Most of the people want to switch brand on the off chance that they show signs of improvement offer from other brands. KFC, the fast food industry has picked as a contextual investigation on the grounds that KFC chiefly brings advancements to build their deals when confronts less occupied in the store, likewise contenders. Ordinarily the vast majority of the retail organizations bring advancements periodically, regularly to support their deals. Be that as it may, the fast food industry is very diverse in the region of sales promotion. There are likewise fascinating sides directing to this research that the goal and estimation of the sales promotion, how vital impacts of sales advancement can be accomplished and figure out the incapability of the business advancement. Therefore the information gathering from this exploration that can prompt give a superior thought regarding the viability of offers advancement system with respect to expanding deals by KFC

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