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This study will include the comparison of the market segmentations of KFC and McDonald’s and then comparing the traditional marketing mix: product, price, place of distribution and promotion. KFC uses geographic, demographic, behavioural and psychographic segmentation. With regards to geographic segmentation KFC has a large market as it is an international fast food outlet. Within each country they have divided their market into two main segments, urban and semi-urban. Most outlets of KFC are located in urban areas, giving the company an opportunity to reach as many consumers as possible. Urban areas are more populated therefore help with attracting more consumers. They have several stores operating in the main cities of South Africa. KFC…show more content…
According to geographic segmentation, McDonald’s is an international fast food chain so it has a large market that spans across the world. The business is managed in distinct geographic segments that includes: U.S., Europe, Asia/Pacific, Middle East and Africa (APMEA) and Other Counties and Corporate (OCC) including Canada, and Latin America. McDonalds have taken into consideration of the taste and preferences of people for each particular country. For example: in Thailand McDonald’s serves a Samurai Pork Burger, in UK McDonald’s serves Mozzarella Dippers and in South Africa McDonald’s serves the South African Stack. Then within each country they mainly focus on urban and semi-urban areas. They operate in the main cities of South Africa and also operate near busy roads or highways and shopping centres. (Strapazzon,…show more content…
A lifestyle factor that McDonalds has to consider is that people are becoming more health conscious. In order to meet their needs McDonalds has introduced a veggie burger and salads. But, also gives full disclosure of the kilojoules for each food item. They also cater for people who have a very busy lifestyle as they are constantly working. These are customers who work full days and don’t have time to cook food for themselves or their families. Since their service is quick this makes it easier for working families. With social class, McDonalds use to focus mainly on upper and middle class but is starting to focus on the lower and working class as well by supplying economy meals. With personality traits, McDonalds markets to outgoing, extrovert and ambitious customers that usually hang out with friends and family in restaurants and other entertainment destinations. (Haider, 2018) & (Khan,

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