Kfc Selection Process

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AC 1.4: Evaluate own contribution to the selection process
I am going to take part in selection process of hiring different staff members for different posts in KFC. I will make my mind to clear about the selection criteria which are in the position summary as they will be the basis for recruiting. My other priority would be to plan to review resumes and select the candidates to be interviewed as soon as possible after the closing date. This would help me to make sure that lots of the best qualified candidates would have not accepted other positions.
My first and important part in selection process would be to plan maximum time for reviewing all resumes so that I would shortlist potential candidates for interview. I will make sure that there
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What is the difference between Management and leadership? This question uses to ask more than once and now common in different organizations and also, this question uses to answer in different ways. There are lots of concepts and theories for answering this question. The biggest difference between managers and leaders is the way that they handle the people and also, that how they motivate them. People include who work for them or follow them and plus this sets the tone for most other aspects.
Managers Have Subordinates
By definition, managers use to have subordinates who follow their instructions. Their title shows seniority and role model to their subordinates. Managers have the authorities to manage their subordinates for getting required work and it depends the ways that how they use to address their subordinates.
Managers have the authority which have granted by the company and their subordinates use to work for them and they have to follow manager’s instructions to fulfill the given task. Managers are the responsible of the departments and they have to forward done work to the upper management so their style is transactional in that the manager tell the subordinate what to do. Subordinates use to complete work with managers instructions not only because they are blind reports, but because they get salaries in reward for doing work
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They are paid to get things done accurately and on the given time. So transformation on this work focus to their subordinates is a natural pass.
The research shows a great understanding of what managers want. The most important and main thing which managers seek is COMFORT. Research also exhibits that they tend to come from stable home backgrounds and they use to lead comfortable lives. After forwarding work load to subordinates and after giving instructions and guidance of work, managers seek for comfort corner where they use to run Happy
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