No Spanking No Time-Out, No Problem Analysis

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Will good parenting skills change a child’s bad behavior? Some people may say that to fix a child’s behavior parents should involve punishment. Maybe they will also say that punishment leads to having a well-disciplined child. In the article, “No Spanking, No Time-Out, No Problem,” Olga Khazan proposes a parenting intervention from a child psychologist, she utilizes it to persuade readers along with parents into believing that punishment cannot change negative behavior. Kazdin discusses the causes behind a negative behavior from a child and utilizes it to prove that punishment does not need to be utilized. Discipline causes children to center their consideration and outrage toward an “unfair” parent, maybe than on learning ypon their claim…show more content…
The issue Khazan discusses in “No Spanking, No Time-Out, No Problems”, parents need to change their own behavior, before wanting to change their child’s behavior. Khazan confronts the issue of punishment along with behavior using a persuasive writing style to share her thoughts on punishment: “Punishment might make you feel better, but it won’t change the kid’s behavior” (Khazan 25). Khazan presents a child psychologist, Alan Kazdin’s to speak on parenting interventions. Along with parenting intervention, Khazan utilizes her interview with Kazdin, presenting a more of an understanding towards the issue of punishment. Utilizing Kazdin’s parenting interventions, he uses examples to prove that; punishment should not be used to fix negative behavior. “The way a parent utilizes parenting skills is a critical factor in a child's emotional growth” (“Lifespan Development.”). The author uses an example of using a game called the “tantrum game.” Kazdin applies this “tantrum game” to show parents that with just “tone,” a child can change their behavior without

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