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Approximately 1,000 people die to Khmer Rouge each year even after thirty years. Before the Khmer Rouge, Cambodia had one of the most advanced economies in South Asia. During the Khmer Rouge two to three million people were killed which is almost one fifth of the population of Cambodia. The thinking of the Khmer Rouge during their time of control was to kill all of the educated people of the country (“Poverty”). Cambodia ever since the Khmer Rouge has never been back to its state of peace, with violence happening almost twenty years after the Khmer Rouge starting with a Civil War. Ever since the Khmer Rouge took control of Cambodia there have been many bad changes to the government, economy and standard of living. Government, there has been…show more content…
After the Khmer Rouge, bribery affected a lot of the choices made in the government in Cambodia with many examples from our very own liaison. An airport security cop who was friends with cambodia 's liaison who makes not much money has two houses in America and one in Cambodia and they are all worth over 500,000 dollars because he was bribed with money to let drugs and many other illegal products and or substances going under the radar (Interview.) Changes in power have been in effect for Cambodia for 30 or 40 years now. When the Khmer Rouge came and took power most of the educated people were killed leaving the country with almost no educated people to lead the country when the Khmer Rouge was overthrown in around 1979 (“Cambodia”). Order in Cambodia has never been back to its full power since the Khmer Rouge but leaders are trying to bring back prosperity back to the country. The Khmer Rouge in Cambodia lasted for thirty years devastating the country. Not just the government but the trust of everyone was torn apart from people wondering if others were part of the Khmer Rouge and not just that but after the Khmer Rouge there was a twenty year civil war in Cambodia. Not just these are examples but during this many families were split up so nobody in Cambodia knew who they could trust and who they could not…show more content…
Extreme poverty hit very close after the Khmer Rouge ended. Many educated people were killed leaving the uneducated to work for themselves and also now the government of Cambodia has now been taking more and more land for agriculture from the people. Health issues have really threatened Cambodia, when the Khmer Rouge ended there were only fifty doctors left for 14 million people and also 728 doctors in training stayed. Another way to indicate the poverty of Cambodia is in the late 90”s and on hundreds and hundreds leave Cambodia illegally to come to Thailand for new jobs were they could make up to only four dollars a day. In 2002 around fifty people were leaving Cambodia daily and people are still leaving Cambodia for better life from things like healthcare which Cambodia is still trying to fix, family and jobs (Samean)

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