Khrushchev Secret Speech Analysis

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Khrushchev’s “de-Stalinization” and its impact After the death of Josef Stalin, a huge void is left in the country. But even after his death, his ideologies have been fought over and over during the last days of Soviet Unions. After Nikita Khrushchev came to power, he openly attacked Stalinism and its harm to the country, which eventually leads to more debates on Stalinism and movements in “de-Stalinization” around the countries. The fighting over ideologies eventually exhausts Soviet people and the authority of its government, which leads to the distrust from the average people and fore-shadows the union’s fall. During Khrushchev’s time, he proposed a “de-Stalinization” to the country, including revealing Stalin’s action on purge and criticizing on Stalin’s personal cult and the harm it did to this country. This report is known as the “secret speech”, and is quite a shocker within the government and the society. The idea stressed by Khrushchev in…show more content…
In Dear Comrade Editor, different voices, opinions towards Stalin and his ideologies are presented. Some people, of course, response to Khrushchev’s speech: “You want to weep with despair when you hear people demand that all this be consigned to oblivion, people who try to justify Stalin’s crimes and sing his praises whenever they can.” (Riordan&Bridger 31) “Even before I never understood and I condemned those young people who had parted ways with their parents when the latter were arrested, so why am I now being called upon to betray my commander and to spit on him?” (33) Instead of supporting Stalin, this WWII veteran is confused by the shift in ideologies. He represented many average Soviet people, the confusion and hopelessness. In a way, Khrushchev is just doing the same thing of fighting over ideologies, this time anti Stalin, of course, but the real improvement on people’s life is no where to be

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