Kick-Ass 2 Prelude: Hit-Girl And Red Mist: An Analysis

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In the second graphic novel, Kick-Ass 2 Prelude: Hit-Girl, the reader get to know the character Mindy McCready, also known as Hit-Girl, a little bit better. At the beginning of the comic a few gangsters go looking for Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl, killing every self-styled superhero that can not give them information about them. As soon as Dave and Mindy get back to normal life Mindy wants to start as Hit-Girl again, which is harder than she thought because her stepfather knows about her secret identity and does not want her to start again. While Red Mist, alias Chris Genovese, is planning his comeback as a super villain, Mindy is teaching Dave everything she knows about fighting and he is showing her to be a girl in normal life. Mindy has to drug…show more content…
To make the bullying stop Mindy decides that it would be best to scare the girl who is bullying her by letting her dangle off the school building and then fall in a waste collection car. Also Hit-Girl has to do the next bust by herself because Kick-Ass broke his hand in the last one, so she blows up a whole drug factory alone and whit that raises Marcus ' suspicion. Ralphie Genovese got a hold of the fact, that Marcus has to do something with Hit-Girl and wants him to be taken care of, while Red Mist is practices his skills in the mountains of Asia. Ralphie sent his people to Mindy 's home to kill Marcus, but Mindy beforehand drugged her stepfather and her mother , so they fall asleep and she can murder Genovese 's people each in a special way, just like her dad, who 's ghost she seems to see and speak with, tells her. After this she makes her way to Ralphies cell in jail and kills him and a few other prisoners. Mindy 's mother is absolutely freaking out because of everything that has been happening so Mindy promises Marcus she will never be Hit-Girl again. Also Dave wanted to focus on school more, “but as rumors spread of what happened that night it had never been more fashionable to be out there in a pair of pantyhose”.(somewhere at the end of
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