Kick-Ass Ethical Analysis

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Why has nobody tried to be an actual super hero? This question was asked by the protagonist in the movie Kick-Ass. And in my opinion solved in Superman vs batman Kick-Ass. The answer is simple. Its dangers. Superman destroys blocks abound blocks of a city. And in Kick-Ass were Kick-Ass is meet with plenty of violence when coming into the superhero world in the form of a beating broadcasted online by a crime boss. We all see heroes as these amazing people who do stuff we can’t. They take the law in their own hands. But are the superheroes doing the ethical thing if they are (or are not) doing the legal thing? Batman considering Superman being a legit threat to humans and taking it in his own hands to kill him. Or Superman destroying many blocks of a city in any of his fights during any movie ethical?
Now before we get into the way hero movies get into this lets figure out the difference between Ethicality and Legality. Legality is the stance the government or any high ranking officials that control the law can take in an issue. Now just because something is illegal does not mean that it is unethical. One of the biggest
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One of the main issues in this movie is an ethical issue of itself. Do you kill a man because his power is so great he could possibly destroy the world? Or is that unethical. Then there is the battle of Superman and Batman. Their battle wasn’t all that destructive but it was dangerous. Yes they fought in an abandoned building. But as we can see with the graffiti on the walls. It has seen people since it has been abandoned. So how can we know there aren’t people in there right now? We can’t but yet superman and batman go crashing through what seems to be every room in the building destroying walls, pillars, and even sinks. It is really dangerous and can end up with an innocent bystander getting killed. Which batman doesn’t really seem to worry all that much about on the account that he puts up machine guns to fire at
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