Kick By Walter Dean Myers: Summary

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The author of the novel that I decided to read this week is Walter Dean Myers and the name of

the novel is Kick. This novel is about a boy named Kevin and he had never been in trouble

before, but he did and he went to juvenile hall. He was a good kid, caught between a rock and a

hard place when a female friend asks for his help. He got caught driving her in her father's car,

after causing a small accident, but cannot explain the why he was with the girl without getting

his friend in trouble. He's also a good friend and a soccer star. His team was competing in the

State Cup, and Kevin couldn’t wait to show his coach what he can really do. But it was all in

jeopardy after his arrest. Police sergeant Jerry Brown knew Kevin's father, who was a police
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And throughout the book sergeant Brown is trying to steer

Kevin back in the right path. The physical setting is in juvenile center and the temporal setting is

the soccer field. The author manipulates time by saying what the date is each time something

new happens in the story. The setting is critical to the story because that’s the whole reason why

Sergeant Brown is trying to steer Kevin back in the right place. The tone of this story is very

intense it keeps you wanting to read more and more. You never know what could happen next as

in all of Walter Dean Myer’ Book’s. The theme of this story is to always tell the truth and don’t

try and lie to keep your friends safe. The rest of your life is more important than you’re so called


Gregory Smith

2 nd Period


The protagonist is Kevin and the antagonist is the girl that he tried to lie for and keep out of

trouble. The protagonist is a static character because Kevin was easy to figure out in the story.

The inference I can draw about the motive about the antagonists is that they don’t want Kevin
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