Kid Krypton Short Story

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Conner Martin #21
Science 8
Due: 11/8/16 For Kid Krypton it was a sad day in Matterville. Everyone but him was enjoying their day. He dreamed of becoming a super villain. Kid Krypton wasn’t even a normal villain. He tried to be scary and cause chaos, but people just weren't scared or frightened by him. One time when he frightened a cat, an angry grandma came out and chased him yelling "GET OFF MY LAWN SONNY". Kid Krypton was walking down the street staring down at his shoes. A truck full of radioactive came barreling down the street and crashed right into a semi-truck. Kid Krypton was soaked with radiation. He passed out. An hour later he woke up in the hospital. Kid Krypton was surprised that he didn’t feel bad, he felt perfectly fine! Kid Krypton got up
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Killer Krypton threw cars across the city. He crashed through walls. He jaywalked! Ollie Oxygen heard about him throwing cars and crashing through walls. Ollie Oxygen was mad, but jaywalking was the last straw. "Killer Krypton must be stopped!" yelled Ollie Oxygen. Ollie Oxygen challenged Killer Krypton to a fight at 12:00 on the rooftops. Ollie Oxygen needed to come up with a plan. Ollie Oxygen's plan would be for himself to show up then Madog Mercury to sneak up on Killer Krypton by turning into a silver liquid. Then Ollie Oxygen would blast Killer Krypton with his fire then turn invisible. Madog Mercury would then paralyze Killer Krypton and Ollie Oxygen would trap him in a windstorm. Ollie Oxygen and Madog Mercury waited for 12:00. When they showed up at the rooftops Killer Krypton was waiting. What Ollie Oxygen and Madog Mercury didn't know is Killer Krypton got new abilities when he was soaked in radiation. Madog Mercury tried to sneak up on Killer Krypton, but Killer Krypton turned invisible. Ollie Oxygen could barely detect him in the air. Madog Mercury wondered where Killer Krypton went, Madog Mercury looked off the edge to see if Killer Krypton fell. Suddenly
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