Kid Vaccination Argumentative Essay

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Should I get my kid vaccinated? Should I get vaccinated? Are vaccinations going to help? Are vaccines safe? These are questions people are asking daily about vaccines. A lot of people get vaccinated. Others don't and have a legal reason not to get them. But people are more at risk if they don't get vaccinated. If you contract a disease because you didn't get vaccinated that's putting others at risk. Do you get your kid vaccinated? Do you get yourself vaccinated? “Failure to immunize a child not only puts that child at risk of illness but also increases the potential for harm to other children who are not able to be vaccinated because they are too young or too ill or to those who are in rare cases are vaccinated but the vaccination fails to…show more content…
Two diseases like smallpox and polio have been wiped out in the United States. Other cases like measles, mumps, tetanus, whooping cough and other life-threatening illnesses have been reduced by more than 95% (Williams 18). We have made two diseases totally go away and we have made other diseases reduce so they could possibly go away but using vaccines. Vaccines are protecting us from diseases all over. We keep improving. According to the Centers for Disease Control Prevention, 90% of the people that go close to another person with measles who are not immune will also become infected (Dickrell). Diseases like the measles can spread so easily without getting vaccinated. Other diseases can spread that easily if you don’t get a vaccination. Vaccines do a lot of good to us in preventing us from getting diseases. “Without vaccine protection, we can easily contract and transmit infectious diseases. It may only take one person, whether it’s a family member, a neighbor, or a visitor from another country, to start the spread of a disease” (Williams 19). That’s how diseases get spread around and people get more
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