Kidnapped Robert Louis Stevenson Analysis

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Answer the following FIVE questions on a separate sheet of paper. Your answers must be double spaced and typed (Times New Roman 12 point font). Write your answers in the “historical present” tense. Avoid generalizations. Provide proof of statements. ANSWER IN COMPLETE PARAGRAPHS (5 - 7 sentences minimum). Explain the book’s title so clearly that someone who has not yet read the book could understand how the title relates to the book’s plot and/or theme. Use the author’s name and the book’s title in your explanation. Robert Louis Stevenson titles his book Kidnapped because the main character, David Balfour, gets kidnapped. The title, Kidnapped, also tells what kind of novel it is, which is an adventure story. Not only does Robert Louis Stevenson give away what’s going to happen in the novel, but he makes the readers think in suspense about which character is going to be kidnapped. Kidnapped is written by Robert Louis Stevenson at an earlier date to mimic the events happening in 1751. In relation, Robert Louis Stevenson wrote Kidnapped after real-life events, so he made it seem entirely real-life by claiming the book was written by a real person related the Stevenson and by naming the main character after his real name, Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson. (a) Explain the external and the internal conflicts faced by one of the main character(s). David (Davie) Balfour, the main character, starts out in the book as a seventeen-year-old who had just lost his father. After his
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