Kidney Bean Observation

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Their was a correlation to the size of the bean and its life span. The smaller beans lasted longer and grew in population, compared to the larger ones that decayed in population. The reasoning for this is that the size of the bean affects how easy it is to pick up. This is shown in the table, the kidney beans the largest beans only lasted two generations, while the lentils the smallest beans finished with the largest population. Another factor was the texture of the beans. The smooth beans population began to decay after generations, the rough beans had growth in population after time. This also relates to the ability to pick up the beans, rough would be harder and take longer to pick up. This is show as the two of the three groups of smooth beans went extinct, while the two rough sets of beans finished with the densest populations. Another aspect that affected the survival of the beans was the color of the…show more content…
Our hypothesis was correct. The lentil beans did finish with the most population, while the kidney beans went extinct the quickest. When formulating our hypothesis we took into account how a larger bean with more surface area would be easier to pick up, and how this would eventually lead to a lack of kidney beans. At the same time we recognized that smaller beans would be more challenging to pick up quickly and this is why we believed there would be an abundance of lentil beans. 3. Group data is somewhat similar to my groups data. AS you can see in both figure one and two, both our sets of data have the Kidney Beans going extinct and the lentil and split peas finishing with the most population. These sets of data do support my conclusions. I predicted that kidney beans would have the least population after the generations, and both sets of data had the kidney beans going extinct. Although the other groups data didn’t have the lentil peas as their leader in population they lentil were only 19 beans off from being the leader in the other groups set of
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