Kidney Failure In Dogs

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Kidney Failure in Dogs Overview
By Cristian Stan
Mar 19, 2010
As dogs get older, one of the diseases that sometimes affects them is dog kidney disease. Kidney failure can be a real problem as dogs advance in age. In some cases dogs will have to deal with a case of toxicity, while in other cases they just have problems functioning properly.

First of all, you need to find out what the possible causes for kidney problems are. As a dog advances in age, his resistance to illnesses drops, so they get parasites, fungal infections and viruses with ease. Another major cause for a dog 's vulnerability to diseases can be cancer, accidental poisoning, medications and toxic reactions. An autoimmune disorder will also cause some diseases, and kidney disease can be one of them. In some cases, the parents can be the source of a predisposition for this disease.
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The symptoms that might indicate kidney disease are many, but most of them can also indicate other problems. As the dog ages, you should keep your eye on him, for changes in behavior and signs of illness. Usually, a dog that suffers from kidney disease will increase the water quantity he drinks, he will urinate less, vomit more, he will have decreased bladder control and he will lose weight. Being reluctant to move and losing energy suddenly are two potential consequences of kidney
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