Kidney Failure Personal Statement

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Personal Statement Since I was a child, I have shown great interest in exploring my surroundings. I was extremely eager to grasp every single piece of information into my growing brain. My family has always encouraged me to utilize my abilities to the fullest extent. As I grew, this passion became even bigger, and at those moments I came to an understanding that science will be my enjoyable hobby and my first and only career choice. When I was in my first year of medical school, I had to watch my cousin and best friend suffering because of Kidney Failure. It was a summer vacation and I was visiting my cousin who turned 19 years, and was living in a rural village far away from the capital Khartoum. When I saw her, I was terrified and I insisted that we take her to a hospital, so did my uncle who was a pharmacist. We borrowed neighbors’ truck, because there was no ambulance to call. After 2 hours of driving, we arrived to the hospital, the doctors told us that she has suffered from severe dehydration and as a results her kidney failed and she might need to be on a dialysis machine. My eyes were filled with tears to know that the absence of the basic medical services in the village was going…show more content…
With this in mind, I am particularly attracted to your program because of the unique opportunity offered to doctors in a motivating team environment that will help me establish a powerful clinical, teaching, communication and skills. As I seek to become a skilled and knowledgeable clinician, I need a program that makes it possible for me to reconcile my personal and professional goals into a single fulfilling career. Not to mention, I would like to send a message to every passionate girl in Africa: You can fulfill your dreams with determination, training and a little bit of
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