Multistix Test Lab Report

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In this lab our primary goal was to learn about the kidney and its filtration abilities as well as how the kidneys maintain blood composition by altering the urine composition. As well as to see the effects glucose, protein, salt, and water intake have on the urine composition and volume. To do this we will use multistix test strips to test the urine before the intake in fluids and then once again after the glucose, protein, salt, or water is consumed. The last objective is to understand the relationship between urine output and various conditions and diseases, this is done through the use of several multistix test strips and descriptions of several people's characteristics and their diseases.

Results The results for each student
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Our data for the water treatment group showed no change in glucose (remained negative), little to no change in the protein, pH was around 6.5 after the ninety minutes and experience little change, while the specific gravity for each subject varied, some decreased, and others increased; the average was 1.000. For our glucose treatment group, there was no change in glucose (negative), no change in the protein, the average pH after the ninety minutes was around 6.9- each subject experience an increase or stayed the same, and lastly, the specific gravity was relatively constant around 1.010. For the last treatment group: salt there was no change in glucose (remained negative), no chance in protein, average pH after the ninety minutes was 7, and specific gravity was around 1.005. The pH changed for the salt groups which we expected to become more acidic and we expected the water group to be a more neutral; while there was no change in pH for the glucose and protein groups. The specific gravity of the salt group increased as expected, the water group experienced various results and their results could have been affected by how hydrated they were before they performed the experiment. For each of the treatment groups, there was no increase in glucose which is what we expected, as glucose is reabsorbed. For each of the treatment groups other than protein, there was no change in the amount. For those in the protein group that did experience an increase in protein amounts could have had an excess of protein in their body which caused some of it to be expelled out. Those students that drink daily protein drinks can increase how much protein their body can

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