Kidney Osmosis Lab Report

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PURPOSE OF EXPERIMENT The purpose of the lab was to observe the endocrine regulation of kidney osmosis and volume in regulation mildly dehydrated undergraduate students, with no consideration of their diets or lifestyles. Students were placed in one of four possible test groups which consisted of consuming water, coke, Gatorade, or nothing at all. The motive behind choosing these specific groups is because each drink had a different levels water and solutes (or none at all) and we wanted to observe if over a period of 2 hours there would be a difference in the total amount of volume of urine voided (every 30 minutes), the urine flow rate, the urine specific density, and the pH levels (Manguid,2018).The volume voided was measured in milliliters using a measuring cup.…show more content…
With more solutes in the blood there will also be an increase in blood pressure. The ANP will help excrete water and the abundant amounts of salts that are in the body. As the blood travels to the kidney and reaches the nephron most of the filtrate will be extremely concentrated as it gets filtered through the glomerulus. Once the filtrate goes through tubular reabsorption only a selective few of solutes such as Na+, Cl-, and glucose (etc.) will be reabsorbed into the body, but other wastes such as caffeine will pass through when it reaches the tubular secretion step. The urine from this drink will be very concentrated so it will probably be more acidic and have a lower pH level. With a lot solutes in the urine the surface will probably be very dense with the urinometer, which will cause it to float more and read a lower number. The release of ANP will help get rid of the surplus of solutes and caffeine, this means that the flow rate volume for coke will probably be a high
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